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This team is an absolute life raft for the label. From royalty accounting and managing communication with artists, to auditing our financial health and providing critical feedback when faced with important decisions, we’d be lost without their partnership
— Jeff Bratton, Cascine
The Infinite Aggregate team has singlehandedly kept our royalty department running top notch. Their expertise and attention to detail is unrivaled. There is no doubt in my mind that our partnership has saved our financial asses more times than I’d care to admit.
— Jessi Frick, Father/Daughter
Infinite Aggregate has played an integral role in helping Tiny Engines transform from “abject accounting disaster” to “hey, we kinda know what the hell is going on now!” I’ll never be an expert but thankfully Hunter and the team at IA are there to pick up the slack and they’ve been essential when it comes to making sure the label’s royalty reporting is organized, efficient and accurate. They also deserve credit for helping to re-shape how we look at finances and how Tiny Engines can better serve its artists in general. In a word, Infinite Aggregate has been indispensable.
— Chuck Daley, Tiny Engines

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