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Our services, explained

Full-time experience, a la carte rates

We're really good at the following:

Specialized Accounting

Art and money don't always mix, but alas, they often must. If the latter is getting in the way of the former and you need help on a one-time, part-time, or full-time basis, get in touch. 


We're great at designing custom royalty accounting solutions for record labels, artists, and anyone else that needs it. Most accountants are not equipped for it, and current royalty software options are pricey and still take up a ton of your time. We happily provide an alternative, customized to your needs + desired level of involvement.


Doing your books is like cleaning your apartment... do it once or twice a week and it takes a few easy minutes each time. Do it every few months and you will find yourself hunched over trying to figure out how it became such a mess. Why live in a messy room when we're right here, begging to clean it.

Tax prep

For many people accounting is a thing they think about only at tax-time, inducing a marathon crunch of trying to recall an entire year's worth of earning and spending. Avoid the stress and let us get you prepped and ready by keeping things updated throughout the year in small, non-stressful doses (or of course, pay us to handle the stressful crunch).

Management reports

Some managers are great at getting their artists paid, less so at getting paid themselves. We'll help you figure out simple and consistent ways of accounting for management income based on your individual arrangements with artists, in a transparent way that will keep them as informed as you are (shady managers need not apply). 


Are you making money or losing money? Often easier asked than answered, particularly on a per-project basis. We're great at making budgets that reduce the financial guesswork surrounding creative projects, giving you peace of mind going in or the wherewithal to try it another way. 


There is often never one moment when our projects become our job, but the closest moment to this is when we form a new entity with the government. This can be a confusing process. Let us guide you through it.


Expert Consulting

We've got 30 years combined experience working with artists, labels, managers, venues and arts organizations of all shapes and sizes. We'll use it to help you avoid pitfalls, maximize opportunities, and navigate the ins and outs of things like record release strategies, distribution, licensing, PR + more. All this greatness is most effective when we're doing your accounting or consistently involved, but you can also get it a la carte because we're just that good.


So many distribution options, so little room for error. From big guys like ADA and The Orchard to independents like Redeye and Secretly to new players like STEM, DistroKid and AWAL, we've seen em all. Tell us what you're hoping to accomplish and we will steer you in the right direction.  


Whether it's licensing your music to a label/publisher, or for a sync in a film/tv show/etc., we can give you insights from the perspective of seasoned managers and accountants, helping you ask the right questions and feel confident in the moves you make. 

Record release strategies

Through our work as artist managers, label owners, and label service providers, we're constantly thinking about the best way to release music into the wild. If you've got the will and need the way, we can help you map out a plan to make the most of your work.